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So t'was the Christmas of 2007 and my better half said "when you've finished building your car (which has already taken about 6 years so we're not talking anytime soon!) you'll be bored. And besides, what am I going to do while you're out driving around in your new toy"

So I flippantly said "No problem, I'll build you one as well!"

This was a very stupid thing to say given that my mate Dan was there at the time and said "Hey, I've got a ready built chassis - you could buy that". Yea, cheers mate.

So here it is - and the progress so far........

December 2007

The chassis pretty much as it was when it arrived ...... Image013.jpg (454139 bytes)

And with front uprights and discs subsequently purchased ...... Image012.jpg (287657 bytes)

January 2008

And then the back axle ......  Image043.jpg (258274 bytes) Image046.jpg (191231 bytes) Image047.jpg (249522 bytes) Image048.jpg (244398 bytes) Image050.jpg (208755 bytes) Image051.jpg (285507 bytes) and rear arches trial fitted...... Image049.jpg (325179 bytes) Image052.jpg (334721 bytes) Image053.jpg (351811 bytes) Image054.jpg (288746 bytes)

And yes, I know the arches are back to front! The guy I bought them off had already drilled the holes in them though. They'll be filled and turned round to face the right way eventually.

March - June 2008

2litre Zetec acquired......Image045.jpg (387706 bytes) and mountings fabricated...... Image003.jpg (160894 bytes) Image004.jpg (296445 bytes) Image005.jpg (285040 bytes) Image006.jpg (250797 bytes) Image007.jpg (170262 bytes) Image008.jpg (181823 bytes) Image011.jpg (189088 bytes)

Bonnet cut out to fit round headlamp mounts...... Image002.jpg (161373 bytes) Image001.jpg (145790 bytes)

Gonna need a bit of a bonnet bulge though ...... Image009.jpg (366601 bytes) Image010.jpg (233014 bytes)

July 2008

Having got the chassis on it's wheels and the engine and 'box in I decided that before I went any further it would be a good idea to tidy the chassis up. Initially, I was going to give it a good clean and touch up where needed. After giving it a good blast with a steam pressure washer quite a  lot of the paint peeled off so I decided to take the panels off completely and get the chassis professionally shot blasted and powder coated.

Bare Chassis 10.7.08.JPG (97171 bytes)

April 2009

Fabricating the scuttle. This is the bulkhead panel at the back (front?) of the scuttle. It will be Rivnutted on eventually so it is removable.

Scuttle 1_18.4.09.jpg (72013 bytes) Scuttle 2_18.4.09.jpg (90147 bytes) Scuttle 3_18.4.09.jpg (76859 bytes)

And with the rivets drilled out, bulkhead panel reduced in size and Rivnutted in place.

Scuttle 4_18.4.09.jpg (107301 bytes) Scuttle 6_18.4.09.jpg (80294 bytes)

Lip added to support bonnet.

Scuttle 7_18.4.09.jpg (92040 bytes) Scuttle 9_18.4.09.jpg (91275 bytes)

And dashboard hoop re-profiled......

Scuttle 12_18.4.09.jpg (114861 bytes) Scuttle 13_18.4.09.jpg (122775 bytes) Scuttle 14_18.4.09.jpg (102453 bytes)

and skinned......

Scuttle 15_19.4.09.jpg (147809 bytes) Scuttle 16_19.4.09.jpg (130729 bytes) Scuttle 17_19.4.09.jpg (137929 bytes) Scuttle 18_19.4.09.jpg (146572 bytes) Scuttle 19_19.4.09.jpg (117002 bytes) Scuttle 21_19.4.09.jpg (158873 bytes) Scuttle 22_19.4.09.jpg (148478 bytes) Scuttle 23_19.4.09.jpg (133372 bytes) Scuttle 24_19.4.09.jpg (149236 bytes) Scuttle 25_19.4.09.jpg (141466 bytes) Scuttle 26_19.4.09.jpg (133944 bytes) Scuttle 27_19.4.09.jpg (124836 bytes) Scuttle 28_19.4.09.jpg (120281 bytes) Scuttle 29_19.4.09.jpg (112037 bytes) Scuttle 30_19.4.09.jpg (121433 bytes)

Starting dash design......

Dash 1.JPG (74626 bytes) Dash 2.JPG (75311 bytes) Dash 3.JPG (78324 bytes) Dash 4.JPG (77126 bytes) Dash 5.JPG (62945 bytes)

June 2009

Radiusing dash with 40mm diameter plastic drain pipe. Recess bottom of dash first with router......

Dash 07_17.6.09.JPG (78642 bytes) Dash 06_17.6.09.JPG (85517 bytes)

Then cut and fettle drain pipe to fit......

Dash 11_17.6.09.JPG (84042 bytes) Dash 08_17.6.09.JPG (53859 bytes) Dash 09_17.6.09.JPG (62793 bytes) Dash 10_17.6.09.JPG (56847 bytes) Dash 12_17.6.09.JPG (66823 bytes) Dash 13_17.6.09.JPG (81311 bytes)

Still plenty of final fettling and shaping to do yet but with a 6mm layer of foam to get an idea of what it will look like......

Dash 14_17.6.09.JPG (74079 bytes)

September 2009 - Chopping the sump.

The engine is a 2L Phase 3 Zetec (from a Mondeo) with a two piece sump. The upper part of the sump is alloy and the bottom part pressed steel. Here I'm going to cut 'n' shut the lower part of the sump to raise the lowest point of the sump without losing too much capacity (hopefully). The mods should leave the bottom of the sump roughly level with the bottom of the bell housing.

21092009547.jpg (84804 bytes) 21092009548.jpg (88323 bytes) 21092009549.jpg (97142 bytes) 21092009550.jpg (86708 bytes) 21092009551.jpg (86575 bytes) 21092009553.jpg (74932 bytes) 21092009554.jpg (89121 bytes) 21092009555.jpg (75525 bytes) 21092009556.jpg (83211 bytes) 21092009557.jpg (96369 bytes) 21092009558.jpg (70303 bytes) 21092009559.jpg (91934 bytes) 21092009560.jpg (81425 bytes) 22092009561.jpg (75202 bytes) 22092009562.jpg (62386 bytes) 22092009563.jpg (77393 bytes) 22092009564.jpg (98222 bytes) 22092009566.jpg (65354 bytes) 22092009567.jpg (68848 bytes) 22092009569.jpg (79479 bytes) 22092009570.jpg (82882 bytes) 22092009571.jpg (87986 bytes) 22092009573.jpg (96960 bytes) 22092009574.jpg (63591 bytes)