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Other Stuff!


thescotchnwater.JPG (277470 bytes) The Scotch 'n' Water! No wonder I can never get on the Locostbuilders Website!

Image000.jpg (28851 bytes) and 'er bruvver. Ugly bugger!

Caution - Woman driver!  Caution - Woman Driver!!! Oct 07.JPG (89867 bytes) Good job the drivers seats going on runners - them's very short legs!

tottynbooboo.JPG (28953 bytes) Oh alright, one for the animal lovers, 'ere's the cookin' fat!

And the latest addition to the family, my new Grandaughter........

Amelie Grace Andrew's..... Amelie & Nicky.jpg (49938 bytes) Arrived 26th July 2007, pictured with 'er Mum!

rascal.jpg (44232 bytes) ...and the other one. Makes working on the computer somewhat difficult when you've got a cat who thinks it's dinner time!

P1010036.JPG (291602 bytes) Is this one of them new fangled gadgets they're callin' the wheel!!!

P1010037.JPG (279941 bytes) The next time I say 'Hey, I've got a great idea' - somebody shoot me!

And the beer fridge installed in the workshop! Excellent! Beer fridge!.JPG (81222 bytes) Beer fridge2!.JPG (63960 bytes)