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Checking how the nosecone will look. Okay width wise but not deep enough as the chassis is 2" taller than standard.

bw1_sep06.JPG (358540 bytes) bw2_sep06.JPG (412832 bytes) bw3_sep06.JPG (580190 bytes) bw4_sep06.JPG (549206 bytes) bw5_sep06.JPG (345280 bytes) bw6_sep06.JPG (319928 bytes) bw7_sep06.JPG (431630 bytes)

Option one, extend length and depth of nose to keep in proportion.....

..... bw8_sep06.JPG (875663 bytes) ..... or Dan (Scutters) suggestion ..... bw11_sep06.JPG (42743 bytes)

.......or, .....keep same profile and add small 'air scoop' to bottom of nosecone and stick number plate to it.

 bw9_sep06.JPG (218128 bytes)

August 2007.

V8 and steering in situ with front and rear arches resting in place.....

Image014.jpg (441451 bytes) Image015.jpg (498426 bytes) Image016.jpg (505473 bytes) Image017.jpg (477566 bytes)

.....and yes it will all be the same colour when it's finished! - orange, the colour of the rear arches.