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The Chassis is a spaceframe chassis built from 25mm square tubing and 19mm round tubing.

Chassis metal arrives 30th July 2002......

24.7.02_Chassis_Metal.JPG (297699 bytes)

The first rail is cut, 31st July 2002......

firstrail31.7.02.JPG (295274 bytes)

13th August 2002......

Chassis1.JPG (21340 bytes)  13.8.02b.JPG (23093 bytes)  13.8.02c.JPG (29150 bytes)  

13.8.02.JPG (14481 bytes)  13.8.02d.JPG (25636 bytes)  13.8.02e.JPG (26343 bytes)

P1010026.JPG (279117 bytes)  P1010027.JPG (29773 bytes)  P1010028.JPG (33388 bytes)  P1010029.JPG (35685 bytes)  P1010030.JPG (26067 bytes)  P1010031.JPG (34004 bytes) 

P1010032.JPG (29607 bytes)  P1010033.JPG (37934 bytes)  P1010034.JPG (33923 bytes)  P1010035.JPG (38217 bytes)  P1010059.JPG (286123 bytes)  chassis34.JPG (194005 bytes)

chassis40.JPG (74870 bytes)


Rear of chassis fabricated to GTS spec to accept their de Dion axle. April/May 2005......

P1010038.JPG (282199 bytes)  P1010039.JPG (280262 bytes)  P1010040.JPG (284762 bytes)  chassis28.JPG (678991 bytes)

Front end with steering rack tacked in place......

P1010043.JPG (291686 bytes)  P1010052.JPG (286067 bytes)  chassis21.JPG (715358 bytes)  chassis22.JPG (768935 bytes)

April 2006. Hmm....nearly four years already. Best get my finger out!

Tranny tunnel in......

trannytunnel1.JPG (109142 bytes)  trannytunnel2.JPG (77067 bytes)  trannytunnel3.JPG (79381 bytes)  trannytunnel4.JPG (94369 bytes)  trannytunnel6.JPG (67577 bytes)  trannytunnel7.JPG (66636 bytes)

......and strengthened. Propshaft rotating at around 9000rpm!!!! The more metalwork between that and my legs the happier I'll be!

P1010046.JPG (64690 bytes)  chassis41.JPG (117638 bytes)  chassis42.JPG (136383 bytes)  chassis43.JPG (133036 bytes)  chassis44.JPG (120672 bytes)  chassis46.JPG (132700 bytes) 

  chassis47.JPG (134707 bytes)  chassis48.JPG (139909 bytes)  chassis49.JPG (126885 bytes)

And 'TR' tubes fitted......

P1010042.JPG (62324 bytes)  P1010043.JPG (67163 bytes)  P1010044.JPG (57962 bytes)  

Note to self......try not to put oily fingers on camera lense!

P1010045.JPG (58015 bytes)  P1010047.JPG (67643 bytes)  P1010048.JPG (72648 bytes)  P1010049.JPG (63820 bytes)

August, September 2006

Start priming chassis......

ch1_sep06.JPG (618572 bytes)  ch3_sep06.JPG (657114 bytes) ch4_sep06.JPG (585162 bytes) ch6_sep06.JPG (678010 bytes) 

......finished priming 4th October 2006 ch20_sep06.JPG (114330 bytes) ch21_sep06.JPG (116321 bytes) and later that afternoon.......

........finally on it's wheels for the first time!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Over 4 years so far. Must try and work a little quicker!

Rear track needs widening slightly as it's narrower than the front at the minute. De Dion rear axle from GTS is for a standard Sierra only I've kept the original track dimensions from the 4x4 donor which is wider than a standard Sierra.

ch5_sep06.JPG (604088 bytes) ch7_sep06.JPG (589384 bytes) ch8_sep06.JPG (578098 bytes) ch9_sep06.JPG (614520 bytes) ch10_sep06.JPG (624810 bytes) ch11_sep06.JPG (689092 bytes) ch12_sep06.JPG (648436 bytes) ch13_sep06.JPG (631090 bytes) ch14_sep06.JPG (652722 bytes) ch2_sep06.JPG (684148 bytes)ch15_sep06.JPG (506146 bytes)

With a little help from Dan! (Scutter) Thanks Dan.

ch18_sep06.JPG (119190 bytes) ch19_sep06.JPG (122268 bytes)

First trial fit of the roll bar March 2007

ch01_mar07.JPG (204388 bytes)

July 2007, moving chassis rails back to accommodate Rover V8 engine

ch22_july07.JPG (103484 bytes) ch23_july07.jpg (171053 bytes) ch24_july07.jpg (168342 bytes) ch25_july07.jpg (119159 bytes)

See engine page for first V8 trial fit.

6th August 2007.....

Engine mounting brackets fabricated and fitted. SD1 brackets chopped by about 40mm to bring mounting rubbers closer in to the engine.

ch26_Aug07.jpg (81460 bytes) ch27_Aug07.jpg (78628 bytes) ch28_Aug07.jpg (99680 bytes) ch29_Aug07.jpg (96584 bytes) ch30_Aug07.jpg (89546 bytes) ch31_Aug07.jpg (77233 bytes) ch32_Aug07.jpg (67964 bytes) ch33_Aug07.jpg (50871 bytes) ch34_Aug07.jpg (69602 bytes) ch35_Aug07.jpg (65866 bytes) ch36_Aug07.jpg (42915 bytes) ch37_Aug07.jpg (80197 bytes) ch38_Aug07.jpg (57403 bytes) ch39_Aug07.jpg (66711 bytes) ch40_Aug07.jpg (52474 bytes)

Not much room for the engine to tilt back under acceleration. I'll have to make a cutaway in the bulkhead to allow for that.

ch41_Aug07.jpg (54385 bytes)

8th/9th/10th August 2007.....

Pedal box and rear roll bar assemblies started.

First I cut a slot in the inner upright (made from 50mm x 25mm rhs) to locate the pedal box - partly because it seemed like quite a strong way to mount the pedal box but also (and mainly if I'm honest!) it was a way to get the pedal box in the right place and also avoid the starter motor housing hitting the upright under acceleration given the limited space shown in the photo above. 

Pedal Box support.JPG (65909 bytes) Pedal Box support2.JPG (73589 bytes) Pedal Box support3.JPG (47266 bytes) Pedal Box support4.JPG (52422 bytes) Pedal Box support5.JPG (51229 bytes) Pedal box fitting.JPG (100060 bytes) Pedal box fitting2.JPG (79107 bytes) Pedal box fitting3.JPG (89257 bytes) 

Then cut the bulkhead plate and drilled and filed the holes for the master cylinders.....

Pedal box fitting4.JPG (60537 bytes) Pedal box fitting5.JPG (85841 bytes) Pedal box fitting6.JPG (40157 bytes) Pedal box fitting7.JPG (76553 bytes) Pedal box fitting8.JPG (60466 bytes)

And started the roll bar assembly.....

Roll bar rear support mounting plates.JPG (88447 bytes) Roll bar rear support mounting plates2.JPG (108724 bytes) Roll bar.JPG (134776 bytes)

21st August 2007 - finished roll bar rear supports and their base plates at the lower rear corners.....

Roll bar & mountings 4.jpg (53942 bytes) 

Using the 'Tube Miter' programme to cut the fishmouths at the top of the roll bar supports.....

Roll bar & mountings 5.JPG (43070 bytes)

Roll bar & mountings 6.JPG (67369 bytes) Roll bar & mountings 7.JPG (64089 bytes) Roll bar & mountings 8.JPG (87990 bytes) Roll bar & mountings 9.jpg (45716 bytes) Roll bar & mountings 12.jpg (49442 bytes) Roll bar & mountings 13.jpg (56390 bytes) Roll bar & mountings 14.jpg (70064 bytes)

October 2007

Fitting the fuel tank. 

First thanks to Dan for making my fuel tank for me. Useful things, 'Dans'. Everyone should have one! Cheers mate. 

First fitting - before relocating the Panhard Rod -

 Fuel tank 1 Oct 07.JPG (75245 bytes)

Having now relocated the Panhard Rod (see suspension page) it now runs exactly where the fuel tank wants to sit! To get round this I'm going to lift the fuel tank and mount it on it's side above the diff. This will raise the centre of gravity of the car and will not leave any space above it for a small boot area - not ideal. However,  it will also move it forward about 180mm which will leave space for a small 'vertical' boot between the rear of the tank and the rear panel. This also means that in the unfortunate event of a rear shunt the fuel tank won't be the first thing to get hit.

Fuel tank fitting.JPG (75626 bytes) Fuel tank fitting3.JPG (59306 bytes) Fuel tank fitting4.JPG (68903 bytes)

Top corners 'chamfered' off to slide tank in between roll bar supports:-

Fuel tank fitting2.JPG (69290 bytes)   

October 2007

Starting on the scuttle.

Scuttle1 Oct 07.JPG (64959 bytes) Scuttle2 Oct 07.JPG (68023 bytes) Scuttle3 Oct 07.JPG (70397 bytes) Scuttle4 Oct 07.JPG (65803 bytes) Scuttle5 Oct 07.JPG (75185 bytes) Scuttle6 Oct 07.JPG (60185 bytes)