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The donor is a 1990 'G' Reg Ford Sierra XR4x4 V6 2.9i. 

It had a weeks tax and MOT left on it so I was able to drive it home and avoided the cost of hiring a trailer.

The vendor had had the car looked at ready for it's next MOT but was told it needed welding work on the rear nearside sill so he decided to sell it rather than shell out any more money, hence only he only wanted 250 for it. Bargain!!

21st July 2002......

Donor21.7.02b.JPG (216908 bytes)  Donor21.7.02d.JPG (215032 bytes)  Donor21.7.02f.JPG (197272 bytes) 

and a little later......

 P1010024.JPG (293178 bytes)  donor5.JPG (292832 bytes)