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Trial engine fit to get measurements for tranny tunnel:-

Enginetrialfit1.JPG (117638 bytes)

Time to bring in an expert!!!

Enginetrialfit2.JPG (136383 bytes)  Enginetrialfit3.JPG (133036 bytes)  Enginetrialfit4.JPG (120672 bytes) 

Hmmmm.....one V6 engine + one large arse = not much room!

Enginetrialfit5.JPG (137238 bytes)  Enginetrialfit7.JPG (134707 bytes)

Steering column.....wot steering column?

 Enginetrialfit8.JPG (139909 bytes) 

Someone get this dog before he gets run over.....

Enginetrialfit9.JPG (126885 bytes)

Yea, course I know what I'm doing son!

Enginetrialfit6.JPG (132700 bytes)

Trial fit of the V6 Cologne engine. The point at which I decided to do a complete (well almost) U turn and decided to go V8 rear wheel drive.......

eng01_Mar07.JPG (156173 bytes) eng02_Mar07.JPG (171818 bytes) eng04_Mar07.JPG (163988 bytes) eng05_Mar07.JPG (166568 bytes)

So...... the first (ish) trial fit of the V8......

eng06_july07.JPG (101464 bytes) eng07_july07.JPG (86612 bytes) eng08_july07.JPG (108873 bytes) eng09_july07.JPG (112641 bytes) eng10_july07.JPG (118417 bytes)