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Build your own Sports Car for as little as 250  The initial inspiration for many of us. Check it out here.  Excellent Locost Builders website. Any questions, ask 'em here. Very friendly bunch and extremely helpful. of AlanB. Very informative site. Although Alan is building a car of his own design, there is a lot in common with Alan's build and the Locost. Again, extremely friendly and helpful. A regular contributor on the locostbuilders site.  Like myself, Ewan is going the V6 4x4 route. A bit further advanced than me though!!  Website of Jim McSorley. Downloadable plans for various alternative sized chassis. Includes accurate measurements and angles. Handy for those using bigger engines. Thanks Jim!  Good source of screws, bolts, tools etc. Excellent source of parts for the Locost. Particularly useful if you're building a car larger than the standard spec. Supplies parts for the '7+442' (ie 4" longer, 4" wider and 2" taller than standard. See link to Jim McSorley's site above. Oh, and a really helpful bloke!