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Because I am designing the front suspension myself (well, sort of! Thanks AlanB for the inspiration) am have fabricated wooden brackets to hold the front wheels in exactly the right position relative to the chassis. This will help both in the measuring/designing stage and also in the assembly stage.

chassisside.JPG (74870 bytes)  front.JPG (65191 bytes)  nsstrut2.JPG (67495 bytes)  nsstrut.JPG (57611 bytes)

The front uprights are from the XR4x4i donor, and are therefore different to the standard Sierra uprights, so getting the correct adaptor inserts is proving difficult. What I am intending at this stage is to use standard adaptor inserts welded into the cut down McPherson struts, which will in turn mount, as they did on the donor originally, into the top of the uprights. This actually has a hidden advantage in that I can customize the height of the top suspension ball joint to suit my design.

 insertandballjoint.JPG (46514 bytes)  cutdownstrut&insert.JPG (33226 bytes)

I'm making the bottom wishbones first. They're not cut to length yet, just tacked to double check angles/measurements etc.

lowerwishbonejig.JPG (44408 bytes)  lowerwishboneinjig.JPG (49362 bytes)  lowerwishboneinjig2.JPG (26712 bytes)  lowerwishboneinjig3.JPG (40225 bytes)  lowerwishbone.JPG (36188 bytes)  loweroffsidewishbone2.JPG (55424 bytes)  loweroffsidewishbone.JPG (67926 bytes)  loweroffsidewishbone3.JPG (60147 bytes) 

I've made the brackets myself because I wanted them oversize so I can use spacers either side of the crush tubes to allow me to alter the caster angle.

sussybrackets.JPG (41587 bytes)  sussybrackets2.JPG (45548 bytes)  sussybrackets3.JPG (43304 bytes) 

Upper, inner and outer front wishbones. There will be a tie bar connecting the outer ends of both upper wishbones eventually so the whole assembly 'cantilevers' around the top chassis rail:-

P1010044.JPG (286750 bytes)  P1010050.JPG (299449 bytes)  P1010052.JPG (286067 bytes)

Like this!...... (April 2006)

sussy01.JPG (297379 bytes)  sussy02.JPG (297874 bytes)  sussy03.JPG (297608 bytes)  sussy04.JPG (291741 bytes)  sussy05.JPG (289425 bytes)  sussy06.JPG (286049 bytes)

 sussy07.JPG (284557 bytes)  sussy08.JPG (285083 bytes)  sussy09.JPG (292273 bytes)

Front suspension set up with 'dummy' shockers in place for now.

sus11_oct06.JPG (80696 bytes) sus12_oct06.JPG (90111 bytes)

July 2007

Making brackets and trial fitting steering column.

steer1_july07.JPG (65395 bytes) steer2_july07.JPG (88381 bytes) steer3_july07.JPG (65279 bytes) steer4_july07.JPG (83771 bytes) steer5_july07.JPG (94210 bytes) steer7_july07.JPG (65904 bytes) steer8_july07.JPG (86430 bytes) steer9_july07.jpg (65928 bytes) steer10_july07.jpg (80830 bytes) steer11_july07.jpg (61953 bytes) steer12_july07.jpg (59275 bytes) steer13_july07.jpg (103287 bytes) steer14_july07.jpg (57266 bytes)

October 2007

The Panhard Rod as I'd fitted it originally was at totally the wrong angle as can be seen in this

picture.... ch13_sep06.JPG (142740 bytes)

This would have given very odd handling characteristics had it been left like it so has been

relocated.....Panhard Rod Oct 07.JPG (73045 bytes) Panhard Rod Relocation2 Oct 07.JPG (66952 bytes) Panhard Rod Relocation3 Oct 07.JPG (65542 bytes) Panhard Rod Relocation4 Oct 07.JPG (69165 bytes) Panhard Rod Relocation5 Oct 07.JPG (75700 bytes)

Panhard Rod Relocation6 Oct 07.JPG (64686 bytes) Panhard Rod Relocation7 Oct 07.JPG (75723 bytes)

Unfortunately it now runs exactly where the fuel tank should sit so that has also been relocated - see chassis page.

November 2007

Right, having realised that the upper front ball joint is not strong enough to take the loads in 'shear' that it is going to be subjected to, I've had to redesign and modify my top outer wishbones. I'm replacing the Transit Drag Link ball joints with Saab top ball joints which are designed to take the loads anticipated.

To allow camber adjustment I'm mounting the new ball joints in brackets with elongated slots and a captive bolt arrangement to 'wind' the ball joint in and out.

sus20_nov07.jpg (66327 bytes) sus21_nov07.jpg (73788 bytes) sus22_nov07.jpg (63973 bytes) sus23_nov07.jpg (66612 bytes) sus24_nov07.jpg (53502 bytes) sus26_nov07.jpg (53924 bytes)

And with the assembly welded into the new wishbones and on the car......

Saab Ball Joint 1.JPG (91817 bytes) Saab Ball Joint 2.JPG (68292 bytes) Saab Ball Joint 3.JPG (61780 bytes) Saab Ball Joint 4.JPG (57052 bytes)